Eminem Killed Kennedy Zine

EMINEM KILLED KENNEDY ZINE This was a school project in which the objective was to create a zine with a found items collection. I chose to use a collection of clothing tags I had saved over the years. The main objective was to create a visually striking series of images, but it turned out to… Read More

El Mono Hambre Restaurant Identity

EL MONO HAMBRE Latin American Restaurant Concept The objective of this assignment was to design a logo and collateral materials for a made up Americanized latin american restaurant. I chose the name "El Mono Hambre" which means "The Hungry Monkey" in spanish. I chose a 'day of the dead' aesthetic for the logo and collateral… Read More

Complete Marketing Systems Logo

CLIENT Complete Marketing Systems This project was completed for my employer at Complete Marketing Systems (Formerly Visual Identity Vault) in 2015. The objective was to create a new identity for the new name we were givenĀ under new ownership. The company was acquired by a local Mankato company "Complete Basement Systems" and I was to create… Read More