How to Make the Perfect Steak Animation

HOW TO MAKE THE PERFECT STEAK This animation was a created as a way to show my friends and family how I would cook my steak so perfectly. My technique is not unique, it's actually pretty well known, but I saw an opportunity to make a fun animation and took it. Year: 2016 Categories: Motion Graphics, Animation Read More

TWZT Production Logo Animation

TWZT PRODUCTIONS LOGO ANIMATION This animation was a concept project for a potential company formed between Cody Otte of BlueG Productions and myself. The objective was to create a name, logo and animation that culminates the combination of our talents and resources. The name 'TWZT' is short for 'Twizt', meaning a "Twist", or mix, of our talents. Year:… Read More

“Quiet Walk” Music Video

Quiet Walk Music Video This project was a collaboration with BlueG Productions and Derrik Koch for the artist Soul Reflect. My partners did all the shooting and editing and I did the special effects and animations. → Client YouTube Upload CLIENT Soul Reflect Year: 2016 Categories: Motion Graphics, Special Effects CREDITS Directed By: Derrick Koch Video production: BlueG… Read More

GenNOW Intro Animation

GenerationNOW Intro/Outro Animation This animation was for my client GenerationNOW Entertainment. The objective was to create an intro/outro animation to brand their promotional videos. GenerationNOW Entertainment books their DJs for events like Vikings, Timberwolves and Twins games, weddings, concerts and much more. CLIENT GenerationNOW Entertainment, LLC. Year: 2017 Categories: Motion Graphics, Animation LINKS → Client Facebook → Client Website Read More

BlueG Productions Intro

BlueG Productions Intro This project was for my client/partner at BlueG Productions to be used as a way to brand and promote himself on the videos he makes for his clients. His clients include recording artists, athletic associations, businesses and he specializes in content for events such as concerts, sporting events and weddings. CLIENT BlueG Productions LLC.… Read More

Walser Auto Promo

#POOFMYPAYMENT This project was a collaboration with BlueG Productions for Walser Automotive. Cody Otte of BlueG Productions shot and directed the video and I did all the editing and special effects. → Client YouTube Upload CLIENT Walser Automotive Year: 2016 Categories: Motion Graphics, Special Effects CREDITS Video Production: BlueG Productions, LLC. Read More